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  • Youth on the move has been founded by Maggie Griffiths, who is also the CEO.  The Secretary, Treasurer and Deputy Chairperson have been hand selected for their qualities in working with youth, and with addiction, who have a love of mankind and a passion and commitment in to make a difference to those in need, who just need a second chance in life.  We are here to provide a service by means of giving of our time, our love and our skills to help in an area where our country is struggling terribly with the addiction that our youth is struggling with.  To cleanse our nation from the ravaging effects of drug abuse within our youth.



    • To assist the youth in areas where drug abuse is involved.  To assist with them being taken into a rehabilitation centre in order to give them a chance for a better life.  To get them back into society, to rehabilitate them and empower them into finding employment and making a better future for themselves. To work with the parents of  these children in order for them to reconcile with their children.  To assist the youth who come out of rehabilitation and whose families reject them, to be re-homed and accepted back into society.  To aid them to find skills as artisans, and make a difference in society.



  • Youth on the Move

    Maggie Griffiths


    Gregory Griffiths

    Lee-Ann Petersen

    Deputy Chairperson 

    Thelma Matthee

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